ENG – ME - Hob and Suzanne Issa Mechanical Engineering Scholarship

Hob Issa is an alumni of Cal Poly Pomona who graduated with a BS in Mechanical Engineering in 1990. Him and his wife Suzanne both enthusiastically support growth in the education of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math with motivated college students. It is their desire to help potential Mechanical Engineering students achieve their goals of obtaining their degrees at Cal Poly Pomona as they learn to become problem solvers, creators, and collaborators who will fill the critical pipeline of engineers, scientists, and innovators so essential to the future of California and the nation. This scholarship is offer to undergraduate students in the selected major below within the College of Engineering who have demonstrated an aptitude for math and the STEM science from high school onward. This annual scholarship will be awarded to individuals who are self-starters, leaders, team players and multi-disciplined in focus. It is encourage that after two years of schooling, an internship or some type of work in your related field of study is obtain.

Selection Criteria for Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 are:

  • Open to continuing students (Freshman, Sophomore and Junior)
  • Must be majoring in Mechanical Engineering
  • Minimum Cumulative GPA must be greater than or equal to 3.0
  • Must demonstrate financial need by completing the FAFSA for 2018-2019
  • Must be enrolled full-time (12 or more units) for the fall and spring semester of 2018-2019 AY
  • Citizen and Permanent Residency is require

Special Requirement:
Prospective recipients will be required to submit one letter of recommendation from a non-student (this should be in your general application submission).This will be a reoccurring award for applicants who meet and maintain the minimum qualifications for the award on an on-going basis through their final year.