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Welcome to the Cal Poly Pomona Bronco Scholarship Portal!

Thank you for visiting! Scholarship Fest has ended for CPP scholarship opportunities, however, students may still apply to the CSU Systemwide opportunities listed below.

To apply, first complete the General Scholarship Application by clicking the “Sign In” button on this page. (You will have to sign in with your CPP student login information to begin.)

You can save your application at any time by clicking “Save and Keep Editing” at the bottom of the form.

Once completed, you can submit your application by clicking “Finish and Continue.” Please note that required fields are marked with an asterisk.

Please note Scholarship Fest runs from October 1st through March 2nd. CPP scholarship opportunities are currently closed for the 2021-2022 academic year. Review committees are currently in the process of reviewing and scoring qualified applications. If you are selected as a recipient, you will be notified by the awarding department once reviews have concluded.

If you are selected to receive scholarship funds for the 2021-2022 academic year, funds will be released 10 days prior to the first day of classes.

For additional information, visit the Frequently Asked Questions. For assistance with accessibility issues on the Bronco Scholarship Portal, contact our scholarship team at (909) 869-3700 or by email at

We are stating the following, per the requirements of the Department of Education Federal Student Aid Handbook, Coded Memos ASA-2016-10 and ASA-2016-28: If a student receives an award that causes their total aid from all sources to exceed the Cost Of Attendance (COA), then adjustments must be made. To the extent possible, prior to adjusting grants or scholarships, the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships will first reduce and/or replace unmet need, followed by loans and work-study. In general, unless an award is considered wages, it is considered “other financial assistance” and must be factored in.

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