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Scholarship Timelines:

General Scholarship Application Open: October 1 – Mid-May
CPP Scholarships Open: October 1 – April 2**
CSU Systemwide Application Open: Mid-January – Mid-May

** The original deadline of March 2 was extended to align with the Cal Grant priority deadline for the 2024-25 academic year. The extension is due to the delayed opening of 2024-25 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and California Dream Act Application (CADAA).

Most scholarships that open during the application period will be released during the next academic year unless otherwise stated in the scholarship description.

To begin:

1. Use the “Sign In” button located on the top right of this page

2. Sign in using your CPP log-in credentials

3. Complete the General Scholarship Application. You can save your application at any time by clicking Save and Keep Editing at the bottom of the form. After you finish filling out the application, you can submit it by clicking Finish and Submit.

Note: Required fields are marked with an asterisk.

4. Once the General Scholarship Application is complete and submitted, the system will automatically match you to scholarships in which you meet the basic criteria. Meeting the criteria means you will be entered into the pool of applicants for a particular scholarship. It does not guarantee you will receive a scholarship.

5. Use the Recommended drop-down menu to review a list of recommended scholarships you should consider applying to. Recommended Scholarships are based on your student record and the responses provided on your General Scholarship Application. Typically, these scholarships have additional requirements you must submit. Be sure to read instructions carefully.

6. For questions regarding specific opportunities, reach out to the contact listed in the description.

You will be notified if you are selected to receive a scholarship by the awarding department/organization, and you will be informed of disbursement eligibility requirements you must maintain such as G.P.A, minimum enrollment, or thank-you letter requirements you must submit.
Please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions for additional information. For assistance with accessibility issues on the Bronco Scholarship Portal, contact the scholarship team via email at scholarships@cpp.edu.

Additional Tips:

  • Utilize on-campus resources such as the Learning Resource Center (LRC) to solicit feedback on essay prompts.
  • Some scholarship opportunities require letters of recommendation. You will be asked to provide the name and email address of person(s) you would like to complete the letter on your behalf. Connect with those individuals early and inform them of your intent to request the letter(s). You should also consider sharing additional information about yourself, or the scholarship opportunity (e.g., resume, URL to the opportunity).
  • Consider reviewing our website for information and resources specific to Outside Scholarships . Addtional outside scholarship opportunities can also be accessed at the top of this page by clicking on Opportunities and then selecting External
  • Learn more about how scholarships are coordinated with other types of financial aid you may be receiving by clicking here.
  • Good luck Broncos!

    Opportunities Table
    Award Name Actions
    $600 Access & Disability Alliance (AdA)
    This scholarship recognizes students who have taken an active role in...
    varies CBA - Accenture Jr. Achievement Award
    The purpose of this scholarship is to provide a scholarship to a Junior...
    Varies CBA - Accounting - Accounting Scholarship
    Criteria: Open to current Sophomore, Junior, Seniors and...
    $1,000 CBA - Accounting - Donald Putnam Scholarship
    Criteria: Open to current Sophomore, Junior and Seniors Open to...
    Varies CBA - Center for Information Assurance
    Provide scholarships to students with focus in Information...
    Varies CBA - CIS - Boeing Scholarship
    Criteria: Open to current freshmen, sophomores, juniors and...
    1,000 CBA - CIS - Computer Information System Leadership Scholarship
    The Computer Information System (CIS) Leadership Scholarship is for...
    1,000 CBA - CIS - McElligatt Family Scholarship
    The McElligatt Family Scholarship was set up to support the studies of...
    varies CBA - Community Service Scholarship
    Provides scholarships to students who are committed to reinvesting the...
    1,500 CBA - FRL - FRL Department Scholarship
    Criteria: Minimum Cumulative GPA: 3.25 Must be enrolled in 12 units...
    $1,500.00 CBA - FRL - Tomkoria's Scholarship
    The Tomkoria’s Scholarship is for full-time Cal Poly Pomona students...
    Varies CBA - FRL- Omar Benitez Scholarship
    The Omar Benitez Scholarship was created to support higher education for...
    Varies CBA - IBM - International Business & Marketing Endowed Scholarship
    Provide scholarships to students in the International Business &...
    Varies CBA - IBM - International Business & Marketing Scholarships
    Provides scholarships to students majoring in International Business and...
    $1,000 CBA - MHR - Eileen Inay Simon Memorial Scholarship
    The Eileen Inay Simon Memorial Scholarship is need-based scholarship for...
    Varies CBA - MHR - Management and Human Resources Scholarship
    Provides scholarships to students majoring in Management and Human...
    $1,000 CBA - MHR - Peggy J. Snyder Endowed Scholarship Fund
    The Peggy J. Snyder Endowed Scholarship Fund recognizes a student who is...
    $1,000 CBA - MHR - Sharifzadeh Scholarship in the College of Business Administration
    Criteria: GPA: Minimum GPA 3.0 and above (Cumulative or CPP...
    $7,500 CBA - The Jermadas and Kamla Idnani Memorial Scholarship
    The Jermadas and Kamla Idnani Memorial Scholarship was established by...
    $500.00 CBA - TOM & EBZ - APICS Scholarship
    The APICS Scholarship recognizes a continuing Technology and Operations...
    $1,000.00 CBA - TOM & EBZ - Distribution Management Association Scholarship
    The Distribution Management Association Scholarship is for students who...
    varies CBA - TOM - Boeing Scholarship
    Purpose: To provide scholarship assistance to continuing undergraduate...
    $15,000 CBA and College of Science - The Avanade Robert Vito Cristobal Memorial STEM Scholarship
    To provide financial assistance, through the Mitchell C. Hill Center for...
    Varies CEIS - CEIS Scholarship
    To provide scholarships for students working or specializing in math or...
    $1,000 CEIS - Education - Ramirez Family Memorial Scholarship
    The Ramirez Family Memorial Scholarship was created in memory of CPP...
    $1,000 CEIS - Liberal Studies - Keith and Sheila Goldring McCoy Annual Scholarship
    Prof. Sheila McCoy was a long-time chair of the Liberal Studies...
    $3,000 CLASS - Cecil B. Brown Memorial Endowed Scholarship for Communication Studies
    The Cecil Brown Memorial Scholarship Endowment is for students majoring...
    $1,000 CLASS - Chief Kimberly A. Plater Endowed Scholarship
    The endowed scholarship was established in honor of Chief Kimberly...
    $500 CLASS - COM - Ben F. Thompson Memorial Scholarship in Journalism
    Communication majors with an option in Journalism are eligible to apply...
    $6,250 CLASS - COM - Frank A. Tennant Endowed Scholarship
    A $6,250 annual scholarship will be awarded to multiple applicants –...
    $1,000 CLASS - COM - Gary Keele Memorial Scholarship
    The Gary Keele Memorial Scholarship is open to full-time Communication...
    $500 CLASS - COM - Kaufman-Yarbrough Memorial Scholarship
    Communication majors are eligible for the Kaufman-Yarbrough Memorial...
    $1,000 CLASS - COM - Legacy Scholarship
    This scholarship is solely funded by donations secured by the student...
    $500 CLASS - COM - Patricia A. Kurtz Memorial Scholarship
    Patricia A. Kurtz was an assistant professor in the Communication...
    $1,000 CLASS - COM - Wayne Rowe Memorial Scholarship
    The Wayne Rowe Memorial Scholarship was created to memorialize Dr. Wayne...
    $5,000 CLASS - COM- The Shafiqa Rashidi Journalism Scholarship
    This scholarship honors Shafiqa Rashidi and supports students majoring...
    $500 CLASS - Dean's Scholarship
    Criteria Open to current undergraduate students Open to majors in the...
    $500.00 CLASS - Dr. Barbara J. Way Endowment for Community Engagement
    The Dr. Barbara J. Way Endowment is for students in CLASS majors who...
    $500 CLASS - Dr. Sonia Blackman and Dr. James Bell Endowed Scholarship
    Dr. Sonia Blackman and Dr. James Bell Endowed Scholarship is for CLASS...
    $500 CLASS - Dr. Toni-Mokjaetji Humber Memorial Book Scholarship
    The Dr. Toni-Mokjaetji Humber Memorial Book Scholarship was established...
    $3,000 CLASS - EC - Blumner-Franklin Economics Scholarship Endowment
    The Blumner-Franklin Economics Scholarship Endowment is for a full-time...
    $3,000 CLASS - EC - Blumner-Franklin Economics Scholarship Endowment for Transfer Students
    The Blumner-Franklin Economics Scholarship for Transfer Students is for...
    $3,000 CLASS - EC - Dr. Franklin Ho Endowed Scholarships in Graduate Economics
    The Dr. Franklin Ho Endowed Scholarship in Graduate Economics was...
    $3,000 CLASS - EC - George Galbreath Scholarship
    The George Galbreath Scholarship is for students majoring in...
    $500.00 CLASS - EML - English and Modern Languages Department Scholarship
    The English and Modern Languages Department Scholarship is for a student...
    $2,500 CLASS - EML - Jeanine L. (McDonald) Fucci Endowed Scholarship
    The Jeanine L. (McDonald) Fucci Endowed Scholarship is for a senior...
    $200 CLASS - EML - Spanish Teaching Credential Scholarship
    The English and Modern Languages Spanish Teaching Credential Scholarship...
    $1,000 CLASS - EML - The Shana Y. Wang Scholarship
    The Shana Y. Wang Scholarship is made possible by the generous support...
    $1,500 CLASS - EML- Lillian Wilds Scholarship Endowment
    The Lillian Wilds Scholarship Endowment provides $1500 support to...
    $500 CLASS - GA - The Kun Chen Endowed Memorial Scholarship
    Dr. Kun Chen started teaching at Cal Poly Pomona in September 2011 after...