CLASS - PSY/SOC - Behavioral Sciences Endowed Scholarship

The Behavioral Sciences Endowed Scholarship is for current Psychology and Sociology students. The purpose of this award is to assist outstanding students of the Psychology and Sociology Department in pursuing their academic goals.

Award Period: Fall 2023


  • Must be a Psychology, Sociology, or Criminology Major
  • Must have a minimum overall CPP GPA of 3.0
  • Must have completed at least one semester at CPP
  • Must not be graduating before Fall 2023

For questions regarding this opportunity, if you are a Sociology or Criminology major, please contact Dr. Gabriele Plickert (Sociology Department) at If you are a Psychology major, please contact Dr. Jill Nemiro (Psychology Department) at

Please note that there are two policies that impact how we respond to information shared in scholarship essays. These are Executive Order 1097 (which relates to sexual assault, partner violence, and stalking) and Executive Order 1083 (which relates to child abuse). Once CSU faculty members are apprised of such incidents, we are required to report the incident to a campus officer, regardless of whether the student intended to report this information reported or not. While all instances of child abuse are mandated reports, individuals impacted by sexual violence, dating/domestic abuse and stalking in the Cal Poly Pomona community may seek confidential services through CPP’s Survivor Advocacy Services. For more info click here.

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