Engineering - ECE - Mohammad and Parvin Massoudi Scholarship

This scholarship is offering an opportunity for continuing juniors and seniors majoring in Electrical Engineering who possess excellent leadership and communication skills.

Award Period: Fall 2020

Selection Criteria:

  • Open to class levels: Junior and Senior (Eligible to transfer students)
  • Major must be in Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • Must have a cumulative minimum GPA of 2.7 or higher
  • Must be enrolled full-time (12 or more units) during the entire awarding period
  • Submit a 300 words essay explaining how you have demonstrated your leadership and communication skills
  • Provide list units left to complete to earn your degree

Scholarship disbursement is contingent upon completion of the following: (a) Write and submit a formal ‘Thank You’ letter (via upload to Academic Works); and (b) Participate in the “College of Engineering Scholarship Conferral Luncheon,” May 14, 2020; 11:30AM–1:00PM; Ursa Minor (held on Thursday, students are expected to participate at minimum, 12:00PM–1:00PM).

To begin the application process, please complete your general application first then proceed to search this scholarship in the “Opportunities>>Ours” Tab and click on APPLY

Supplemental Questions
  1. In no more than 300 words explain how you have demonstrated your leadership and communication skills.
  2. At the end of this current academic year, how many more units will you need to take before you can graduate?