CEIS - Partners in Education Fellowship and Felzer Scholarship

The mission of Partners in Education (PIE) is to support excellence in the preparation of future teachers at Cal Poly Pomona. The PIE Fellowship provides an opportunity for teacher candidates to earn $5,000 during their clinical practice training. Please note: Students awarded fellowships are not eligible for reimbursement for terms of clinical practice already completed.

The Felzer Scholarship, named in honor of longtime electrical engineering Professor Alan Felzer, is for single subject candidates who are seeking a credential in one of the STEM disciplines OR a multiple subject candidate seeking to become a specialist in a STEM discipline at the elementary or middle school level. In order to apply for the Felzer Scholarship, you must attach an original lesson plan that includes an inquiry-based lesson that reflects the pedagogy required to meet the state common core standards. Examples of lesson plans can be found here: http://mbrreading.org/apfelzer/index.html. *The file must be a WORD document.

Applicants for either scholarship must meet all of the following eligibility requirements:
You must…

  • Be working towards your first credential
  • Have achieved a minimum 3.0 GPA when you were admitted to the credential program
  • Not currently employed as an intern teacher
  • Be enrolled in clinical practice no later than Fall 2020
  • Respond to all supplemental questions
  • Be fully admitted into the credential program with 100% subject matter competency (CSET) or subject matter preparation program

One letter of recommendation is encouraged

Supplemental Questions
  1. Which credential program are you pursuing?
  2. Will you be enrolled in clinical practice by Fall 2020 (you must complete the program by the end of Fall 2020)?
  3. Briefly tell us about yourself.
  4. What inspired you to pursue teaching?
  5. What is your ideal teaching position?
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